Gunnar Lindblad has over 30 years experience in Pulp & Paper testing equipment form his time in various Positions at AB Lorentzen & Wettre, Kista, Sweden, as well as with Elof Hansson AB, Gothenburg, Sweden working mainly in the Far East but also in Russia as Chief representative. Finally as CEO at Frank-PTI GmbH, Austria and Germany.

As Product Manager for the TSO Tester and Autoline, Gunnar acquired substantial information and knowledge about how to use the TSO tester to optimize the Paper Machine.

As Sales Engineer, Sales Manager, Technical Manager and Chief Representative, and CEO Gunnar has been involved in numerous Sales of Pulp & Paper Testing Equipment all over the World,
- Do you need help with your TSO Tester?
- Do you need someone with lot’s of Experience to advice you when setting up a Pulp, Paper and/or Packaging Laboratory?
- Do you need Assistance in interpretation of your test results?
- Do you need to Optimize your Paper Machine?

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